An online repair guide to help you fix Xbox red rings is a popular choice for Xbox users who own 360 consoles which warranty has already expired or users who could not wait for the two month waiting period when you send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft for a red ring of death repair.

An online repair guide can still help you fix red rings effectively and quickly. In fact, you can actually fix one 360 ​​which has an Xbox 3RRoD problem in just hours through carefully following a step by step professional repair guide available online.

Choosing a professional online repair guide over the free repair service offered by Microsoft for consoles which are still covered by the warranty will make you cut down the time it takes to use your 360 again from 2 months to just half a day. However, there are also several cons you should be aware about when opting for a quick fix available online.

The following are the cons you should be aware of when choosing an online repair guide instead of sending your damaged Xbox 360 to Microsoft.

• If your console is still covered by the warranty, it will become void once you choose an online repair guide instead of sending your damaged console to the manufacturers for free repair or a possible free replacement.

• There is no guarantee that your console will work again through following the online repair guide. Since you need to rely on your skills to follow the instructions carefully, the fate of your beloved 360 is entirely on your hands.

• You will need to spend money to buy a professional repair guide offered online. Most professional guides available online are sold for a certain fee while sending your damaged console to Microsoft is offered free of charge.


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