In World of Warcraft, Blacksmithing is the skill of forging metal bars along with other reagents into weapons and armor. Because of this, Blacksmithing lends itself quite well to the Warrior and Paladin Classes. Blacksmiths can create various items for other professions such as the Enchanter's Rod for the Profession of Enchanting. They also have the ability to enhance the weapons of any and every character class by using special sharpening stones to increase their damage. They can also craft keys that will unlock treasure chests. There are a large number of unique items that can only be forged by Blacksmiths. This makes Blacksmithing a very desirable and handy skill to learn.

Blacksmithing is a Primary Service Profession. This means that it does count toward your limit of two Primary Professions. Mining is the obvious choice of Profession to partner with Blacksmithing. This is due to the obvious need for ore and gems. That is nothing you want to have to depend upon buying the necessary materials from other World of Warcraft players. This is inadviable because it can make Blacksmithing a very frustrating and costly profession to have. This is especially true when you take into account all of the other costs involved with learning and training in the profession of Blacksmithing including the cost of the Blacksmithing hammer.

Blacksmithing is not a hugely lucrative World of Warcraft profession due to the fact that the finished products will often times sell for much less than the cost of their primary raw materials. There are item drops that are much more desirable than the ones created through Blacksmithing. Because of this, the rarer dropped items will usually sell for more than items forged by a Blacksmith. This is the primary reason why Blacksmithing is more suitable for the Paladin and Warrior classes. Because Warriors and Paladins are the character classes that can initially equip mail armor they stand to benefit most from having the ability to forge their own weapons and armor.

Upon reaching the Blacksmithing skill of 200 and a character level of 40 in World of Warcraft, you have the option of choosing to specialize in a particular category of Blacksmithing. However, you will be required to complete special quests before you can specialize in your chosen area. The areas of specialization are as follows: Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Swordsmith, Axesmith, and Hammersmith. Once you choose an area of ​​specialization and complete the corresponding quest, your character is locked into that particular specialization even if you completely unlearn Blacksmithing and start over. However, if you change your mind before you complete the quest, then you may abandon the specialization quest and pick another in its place. You are only locked in after you complete the specialization quest.


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