Women's MMA gear is not only stylish but it also has plenty of functionality in that it provides great comfort during performances. The range of MMA apparel for women includes MMA gloves, MMA shorts, MMA T-shirts, hats etc., specially designed to suit the requirements of style and performance of women. Some of the top brands that specialize in designing MMA clothing for women include Fight Chix, TapouT, Bad Boy, Silver Star, ShotGun Cage etc. that help these sportive women to look their best even while performing inside the ring!

Among the women's MMA gear, the two most important from the performance point of view are the Gi and the MMA gloves. Generally, the Gi comes in solid colors such as white, black and blue and is sober in appearance with its price ranging from $ 150 to $ 250. The boxing MMA gloves are either made of leather or vinyl and are ergonomically so designed as to reduce the impact of a trauma faced due to strikes. This helps to reduce injuries to the hand and thus indirectly maintains consistency in the performance. Some of the best brands for boxing MMA gloves are Everlast, Ringside and Title. These are quite affordable as they come within the price range of $ 20 to $ 40.

From the style point of view, the most important women's MMA gear is the MMA shorts. These are typically called the Fight shorts and come in a great variety of colors, prints and materials. Their range of colors includes the basic white and black and their combinations and also hot pink, blue and army colors. The prints are highly interesting with some available even in leopard and zebra prints! Of course, for the more sober ones, there are also MMA shorts in solid colors and plain prints. These are also really affordable as they are priced usually around $ 50 to $ 60.

Other MMA clothing includes the MMA shirts such as Rashguards that could either be long or short-sleeved. Quirky styles are available consisting of different colored sleeves and bodies and two different colors for the sleeves. Thermal-wears made with 100% cotton are also available. Fight Chix also offers the Bowler's Bag and a purse for just $ 50 for the stylized MMA woman!

Thus, MMA gear for women is a very interesting range of apparel coming from some of the top brands that suits women's requirements both from the performance and the style perspective.

MMA gear for women today is modernized and stylized to suit the martial arts performing woman's style quotient and is designed to enhance her performance.


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