Electronics, particularly, audio systems have, over the years, gone through processes of development and improvement with manufacturers trying to give their consumers, the best sound that music can afford. I used to think that the Record Changer with an in-built amplifier and two speakers was the ultimate until the advent of the Sound System, composing a turntable, a separate amplifier and two speakers. You may wish to add a separate equalizer to further synthesize and give the production of your sound system, a sharp twitter effect.

The emergence of the Cassette Player and thereafter, the Compact Disc Player, wave the music world a touch of distinction and made system operation and listening to music a delight. The booming effect of the powerful speakers of the CD player could rock the foundations of any building. Then came the Home Theater System which is currently making waves among home audio systems. While the world is yet celebrating the home theater, electronic giants recently introduced to the market, the Wireless Home Executive Kit.

The Cisco Linksys Wireless Home Audio Executive Kit is one audio electronic system, the crave for which an ardent music lover can hardly resist. It consist of one Director, a pair of wireless stereo speakers and one IR Remote. The director has a 50-watt integrated amplifier which enables it to send rich, synthesized, powerful musical sound to its speakers.

You no longer have to mess around with cables in a bid to connect your audio electronic system director to the speakers. It is wireless. The uniqueness of this wireless kit is that room partitions are no more barriers. It does not matter where you want to situate the speakers. The Linksys DMC250 director effectively delivers quality sound to its wireless stereo speakers from any location in the house. Thus, the Linksys director could be in the sitting room and the speakers placed in different locations in your house – the bedroom, the reading room, kitchen, balcony, the lobby or by the swimming pool, etc.

You need not task your brain ever to figure out how you can pass cables around the house to different speakers either by bearing holes through the walls or knocking down wall partitions. That era was for the stone age. The Cisco Wireless Home Audio Kit has simplified matters by making it possible for you to play and control music in every room in your house through a device known as Wireless-N router. You can send different music to different rooms or the same music in all the rooms.

The Cisco director accesses the digital music libraries on your computer, network hard drive or the internet. Or you can connect it to your existing audio analog systems such as turntables, cassette decks, stereo surround sound systems or home theater receiver and still produce the same quality sound output. I recommend it to anyone who is seeking to buy the latest model in quality audio electronic gadget.

In the electronic world, you may be looking to buy home theater systems, multiroom music systems, turntables, CD players and recorders. Or depending you may prefer plasma TV sets, HDTVs, flat panel LCD, musical equipment set. Whatever your taste, they will be satisfied.


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