Recently with all the ongoing frenzy of iPhone, there have been two more to add to it. Apple has introduced iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Both the versions seem to contain an upgrade version with tweaked features. Nonetheless, with all this it is difficult to choose any one of them. Let us find out how these compare against one another.

Quick review: iPhone 5c vs. iPhone 5s

In the first glance, you will observe that iPhone 5C comes in vibrant colors packed in polycarbonate shell and unibody. Other things seem similar to iPhone 5 except with the battery that is larger in 5C that is designed to support LTE bands.

The looks and feel of iPhone 5S is similar to iPhone 5, the chassis is aluminum body. As far as the hardware is concerned, it is packed with A7 processor that supports 64-bit and M7 motion coprocessor. Other tweaks are related to camera, Touch ID for fingerprint detection that is lodged within Home Button.

What if you have iPhone 5?

If you have recently bought iPhone 5 and contemplating whether to purchase the iPhone 5C for its colors and feel then you need to check facts. It is not enough that you are fascinated by the look and feel along with the polycarbonate body that seems durable. The iPhone 5C is not much different from the version that you already own.

With iPhone 5S there are a few dramatic differences including the fingerprint ID scanner. This comes handy for securing phone and your data. However, you need to remember that even while using a passcode you are securing your device. Still if you are not satisfied then switching to iPhone 5S will give you the advantage of hardcore gaming and peak performance. This phone is available in gold, space gray and silver. According to Apple there will be games available on App Store specifically designed for 5S.

Another thing that might fascinate you toward purchasing iPhone 5S is the camera app. Apple claims to have added features on par with DSLR that will help you capture brilliant images.

Which version should you buy?

If you are the one looking for upgrading then purchasing iPhone 5C with 16GB will cost you $ 99. This does seem reasonable amount, especially for those who are looking for budget friendly version. On another note, this is reliably cheaper as compared to the 16GB iPhone 5S version that will cost you $ 199. As for those who are more into getting their hands on the fingerprint sensor, this alone does not seem to be a valid reason to upgrade.

As for a user who is more inclined to purchasing apps and downloading it they will not find 16GB as enough space. To find out your memory usage it is essential to first check it General-> Usage. A 32GB storage version will cost you $ 199 on iPhone 5C as compared to iPhone 5S with the same storage but pricing of $ 299. iPhone 5S is a good option for those who want 64GB priced at $ 399. For those looking for a better processor they should choose iPhone 5C

If you can generously part with your $ 200 then you can opt either with 5S with 16GB or 5C with 32GB internal storage. Still it looks that the best option to stick with is 5C has great processor, powerful camera and Touch ID.


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