Remote Controlled Cars and trucks. RC Cars and trucks have never been more affordable than now and the choice you have is endless. We will review some of the models available and look for the best value for money on all models and accessories, and we will let you know what's happening in the world of RC cars.

OK guys to make one thing clear from the start and that is that the majority of Nitro models are not toys in the normal sense of the word. And younger people should be supervised when they are actively involved with the sport. Maybe Big Boys Toys is a better description. (Yeah) Like It.

If you purchase a model make sure if it includes the transmitter. If it does not select one that is going to be capable of performing the functions you need for your kit. The number of channels determine how many functions you model can perform. And that can range from a 2ch, 4ch, 6ch transmitter. All that means is the amount of servo's you can control. Transmitters also come in a range of different frequencies for eg, 2.4GHz.

Also decide weather you want to assemble the model or if you want it to go straight out of the box with little or no assembly required. So the first thing that you should consider when deciding to by a RC Model is. Who are you purchasing it for? If it is for children over 14 years of age, you are heading in the right direction. If it is for people under 14 years of age, maybe you should consider looking for battery powered models instead. And there is a large range of battery powered models available.

Or if this is a shared hobby with someone responsible in control then there should be no issues in going Nitro. Secondly consider the cost, do not go and spend big if you are just getting started in the scene. begin with a beginner's kit or buy a kit you can upgrade as you progress. Avoid wasting your money unwisely in the beginning. So I guess the message here is to take your time, until you get to know more about your hobby or sport.

Thirdly what kind of kit do you want, the possibilities are endless. There are RC Cars, boats, hovercraft, submarines, airplanes, buggies, monster trucks, drift cars, helicopters, tanks, jet fighters and so much more. And they can be powered by gas, Nitro, Batteries and wind if you want to go sailing.

Fourthly what scale do you want, and again you have a few choices here too. Typically between 1/8 to 1/10 in scale. And finally do you have a place to practice? Or is there a club nearby you could join. Here you will also get to know other enthusiasts and there will be no lack of tips and advice. And consider that it is going to take some practice to operate these things and become good at it, some more difficult than others. Like learning to fly is going to take more practice then driving a car for instance but hang in there it is worth it, believe me.

So begin with a RC car and eliminate a lot of costly mistakes (But start with what you want, just a suggestion).

But we will be sending out more news on more subjects, So stay tuned. Visit us @


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