What's the best air purifier for dogs, cats, or other pets? That depends on several factors-what type of pet, what types / sources of pet odors (feces, urine, general pet odor), how many pets, how large the pet area is, your budget, and other factors like how severe the odor Egypt allergies are, etc.

Interestingly, many pet odors and human allergies have a common cause: dander. What is dander? Pet dander is composed of dead skin cells, oils / particles from the animal's skin, small fecal particles, bacteria, bits of hair / fur, saliva, etc. When this dander becomes airborne, by itself or mixed with dust, we often sense in the pet's area, and if we have allergies, start sneezing or have some other allergic reaction. Odor, of course, also comes from a dog's, cat's, or other animal's urine or feces. And as hard as we clean, sometimes that odor lingers.

So which air purifier is really the best for eliminating odor from dogs and cats, a and airborne dander / dust particles? The bottom line is to get the one that has the features that best suit your personal situation. Here are some tips: 1) If the main issue is allergies from breathing in dander / dust / particles, make sure the air purifier has a true HEPA filter. 2) If pet odors are the issue, look for activated carbon or charcoal, and the more the better as this carbon traps the tiny, airborne organic molecules that come from pet dander, skin oils, urine, etc. Those elements are what our noses detect as the 'odor'. 3) Get an air purifier that covers the amount of area where the animal lives / movements. If the dog, cat or other animal is in an enclosed space, you'll need a smaller unit than the dogs / cats runs freely in the home. Just look at the total square footage of where the animal can roam and compare to the listed coverage of the air purifier (most will show this in the technical specifications).

And if you can get it, choose an air purifier with healthy negative OH- ions, not ozone, as these ions cause particles to fall out of the air before we breathe them, and they kill airborne bacteria / viruses. The two main units that we would recommend for pets are the Blueair 450E and the Winix 9500. The Blueair 450E has a powerful HEPA filter, activated carbon for odors, and negative ions, plus automatic sensors, and a remote. The Winix 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier has similar features, but less carbon, and is a little cheaper. Both are good, but if you can spend a little more, we would recommend the Blueair 450E over the Winix unit because of the superior HEPA filter, increased carbon, and lifetime warranty.


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