Sometimes you go to your keyboard on your computer and notice that it's not working at all. Before you go into a panic, there are things that you can do that will help you make sure that your keyboard is working again. Follow these steps and you will most likely find out what the problem is that you can take care of it as soon as possible.

The best thing that you can do at first is to simply restart your machine. At times there are random errors that can be fixed by just restarting. Before going into anything more technical try this step just to make sure it's not a random error.

Pull out your keyboard from your computer and try plugging it in again. At times it might have been loose or the connection is just being tricky on you. If you do this, many times it will fix your problem.

Test your keyboard on a different computer. If it's not working there, it's most likely that you need to get a new keyboard to use as it's broken.

Use a second USB port on your computer to test things out. Sometimes USB ports just tend to die. Many do not have a lifespan of more than a few years. If you have a dead port, just use a different one from now on.

If you have a wireless keyboard, you might just be running into battery issues. It's a slow process but eventually your keyboard is going to run out of batteries. You need to change them just to test out that this is not the issue.

If your keyboard really is broken, buy a new one. For a laptop this will involve getting the computer serviced unless you know how to manually take off the keyboard and replace it with a new one which is a very technical process.


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