Worrying about your iPhone 4 when you hit the beach? Worry no more! Proporta has the answer. Recognized as one of the best in making superior cases and gadget accessories, Proporta offers another remarkable innovation – The BeachBuoy iPhone 4 Case.

This innovative case promises to do its job which is to keep your valuables dry and running. With its slim but spacious capacity, gadgets such as your iPhone 4, iPod, camera or even your credit cards can fit in The BeachBuoy. Perfect when you go swimming, snorkeling, rafting, or doing any water activities since it guarantees protection for up to 5 meters below the water surface and was tested and approved by the British Standards Institute (BSI). You are assured that your gadgets are safe and dry.

The BeachBuoy iPhone 4 Case has special instructions to be followed, though. It is recommended to try and test it first by placing tissue or paper inside and following the directions on the small booklet that comes with the package. Then, it is advised to submerge it in a bucket full of water for some time.

There are 4 grip seals which are grouped into 2. You have to pinch Grip Seal 1 (the 1st and 2nd grip seals) followed by the Grip Seal 2 (3rd and 4th seals). Then, you have to roll the top portion down until you can no longer see. Fold one more time until only the green dot is seen and the Velcro strip is revealed to faster it further and more securely.

The BeachBuoy does not only protect your gadgets from getting wet, but it also protects your valuables from dirt and sand. It also allows you to use your touch screen because of the transparent panel in front.

For only $ 13.95, you can avail yourself of Proporta's The BeachBuoy iPhone 4 Case on their official website and have a worry free summer!


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