When it comes to a walkie-talkie charger, there are many different brands and types on the market. And it is without a doubt that selecting the proper walkie-talkie charger is just as important as having the right batteries. The demand for various types of charger will very much depend on the specific needs of people using them.

Desktop Type Charger

For example, a single unit desktop-type charger is perfect for uses and needs within an office setting where the charger can be placed on a desk or counter top. These types of chargers rely on power source such as wall A / C outlet to perform the charging of walkie-talkie batteries. Most desktop-type chargers are capable of housing enough batteries to replace the entire set inside your radio sets. Here with spare set of batteries as well as those that are inside the sets, extending usage time to the maximum will be a breeze.

Portable Type Charger

There are also portable types of chargers that can be plugged into a power source such as those in a vehicle. This type of charger is perfect for people who use walkie-talkie on the go. Need to rush to the construction site and the battery power of your set is running low? When using stationery A / C power source mounted to a wall is not an option, a portable charger is a must for extending the use of your radio sets.

What Types of Charger Should You Get?

The type of batteries that comes with your radio sets will determine the type of charger you will need to get. The majority of these devices use Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. And there are some walkie-talkies that use Nickel Cadmium (NiCD) batteries. The number of charge and discharge cycles that can be obtained from these chargers depends on individual manufacturers and how deeply cycled they are. Although some walkie-talkie charger units can provide up to 1000 charges and discharge cycles, the quality of those charges may start to deteriorate around 200 cycles.

Li-Ion Vs NiMH or NiCD Charger

And it is also very important to understand the manufacturer's recommendation for a walkie-talkie charger if you have plans to substitute a Li-Ion charger for the NiMH or NiCD charger. Since the Li-Ion has a higher density, more often than not, such units are manufactured to a specific type of walkie-talkie and are not interchangeable. Another thing to take note is that when it comes to NiMH and NiCD types, performing a full discharge are mandatory to ensure there is no build up of crystalline formations.

Another significant difference between the NiCD and NiMH type of walkie-talkie charger is how often they should be exercised. For the NiMH type of charger, exercise is only required every three months. The NiCD type, by contrast, requires exercising at least once every month to maintain optimal performance. Many regard the NiMH type charger as the best type for two way radios because it recycles easily and it contains very mild toxins.


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