Although there are several infomercials that help consumers learn more about certain products, many still consider reading opinions, which are mostly based on experience. In this Vitamix review, I’m going to talk about the pro’s and con’s of this blender to hopefully be able to inform other consumers in the best possible way.

Vitamix blenders are extremely popular, but this does not mean they are perfect. For most practical homemakers, knowing the ups and downs of a product is the way to a good purchase. This Vitamix review is a good way to know if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Preparing a meal for the family can be extremely time consuming, which is why one of the strong benefits of Vitamix is that it can speed up meal preparation time rapidly. The blender is much larger than traditional blenders, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. While smaller blenders take up little space in your cabinets, this also means they can contain small amounts of food. One benefit of the blender is that it can can contain up to 64 ounces of food, which is much larger than those basic blenders. This saves time because large amounts of food can be prepared all at once.

The jar is also made with safe BPA, which does not leak any chemical even when heated. This is important, as food needs to be healthy and safe to eat. Another cool benefit of Vitamix blenders are the variable speed control. Aside from the built-in pre-programmed buttons, Vitamix has speed controls that switches from low to high smoothly.

Another interesting feature of this blender is that it can cook. No other blenders are capable of this. Using only the heat generated from its two horsepower motors, you can prepare delicious soup within minutes. Another thing that people love about this product is its elegant stainless steel base, the fingerprint resistant finish, and the ease of cleaning.

While many incredible features and benefits of this blender, there is also potentially a negative side to look at. One thing is that Vitamix blenders cost more than other brands that have the same functions. The cost of the blender can range anywhere from $400-500. Also, the warranty lasts up to seven years for the motor, but they do not say anything about the blade. The jar is big but is just a basic one, so when the need for grinding dry grains arises, one needs to purchase another jar. It also has some troubles preparing some thick mixtures, though the proper maneuvering of the machine will greatly help solve the problem.

If price and size does not matter, then Vitamix blenders are a good buy. They are very versatile and functional. Besides, you get more than just a blender.

Hopefully this Vitamix review shed some light on the many pro’s and con’s of the blender to help you make an informed decision.


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