So the iPod has had docks that have been around for a long time. With the increase in the popularity of the docking station, there obviously had to be a way to use their iPod videos at home. With docks being sold in their millions, by every electronics manufacturer they could not ignore the demand for some video output. Video iPod docking stations are selling more popular now than a plain old speaker system.

The obvious thing would be to make use of television equipment that is already in every house hold. Modern televisions have many ways to receive an input signal and this is what many docking manufacturers have made use of.

Lots of docking stations come with an s-video jack which can be used for putting the video out to a television or some larger screen. The quality may not be the best possible but it is definitely a cheap and easy way to get things to a large screen.

You can also buy a cable from Apple that provides you with video out which is great. The only thing is, the idea of ​​having a dock in the first place is like having something of a media center. Sometimes there just is not the room or the inclining to have massive screens knocking around a room.

There is however the option of having a docking station with a screen built in. The most popular models on the market at the moment have screens that are quite small in size but are more than adequate.

They tend to be something in the region of seven to nine inch screen sizes but with a bit of searching you may find larger. If you really want something a lot bigger than that then you are going back in to the realms of television screen size. Video ipod docking stations have their uses but it's worth remembering that part of the beauty of iPods, is that they are small.


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