When choosing kitchen gadgets, such as spatulas whisks etc., you'll first need to figure out what your needs are. If you cook Chinese food you need a very different set of utensils than if you make pizza. Once you know what kind of cooking you will do, make a list of what spatulas whisks etc. you will need. You can consult a cookbook relevant to that type of cooking and find out which spatulas whisks etc. are required, which gadgets are not required but would be useful, and what properties to look for in spatulas whisks etc.

You do not needarily need to own the best spatulas whisks etc. for your kitchen. While they have many outstanding features, you quickly hit the point of diminishing returns when comparing price vs. performance as you increase the price. Also, cooking surfaces and knives are much higher priority kitchen items than utensils. That said, spatulas whisks etc. are typically inexpensive, and you can find top quality cooking spatulas whisks etc. at reasonable prices.


What set of spatulas whisks etc. would be compete without an adequate selection of spatulas? Spatulas come in many sizes and are made from various materials including wood, stainless steel, nylon and plastic. A giant spatula, about ten inches by ten inches, is especially useful. You can use it to move around freshly rolled dough, and you do not have to risk having the dough tear from its own weight, as might happen if you wrap the dough around a rolling pin in an attempt to move it.

You will have a thousand uses for spatulas, ranging from scraping cookies off baking sheets to frosting cakes. You'll want narrow ones for loosening your baked creations from the pan. The perfect utensils for getting baked stuff loose from pans are narrow spatulas. They're good spatulas whisks etc.for applying frosting also.


The standard metal whisk is ideal for such typical kitchen tasks as whipping cream or beating egg whites by hand. You may also want some additional types of whisks, such as a small flat whisk with a spiral coil around a single wire, an elongated balloon whisk, and a full-sized silicone flat whisk. The small flat ones are excellent for beating a single egg or mixing a powdered beverage, where the elongated ones can mix stuff in deeper containers. A full-sized flat whisk, on the other hand, is the ideal choice of all spatulas whisks etc. for sauces and batters.

Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons

Measuring cups and measuring spoons are another essential element of your collection of spatulas whisks etc. Your measuring spoons should be flat and narrow enough to easily slip into spice jars. A curved handle is also a significant advantage as it will allow your measuring spoon to sit on a counter without tipping over, so allowing you to fill the spoon and set it down.

When choosing measuring cups, you will most likely want a set of simple measuring cups and a Pyrex measuring cup. Pyrex is special heat and microwave proof glass, and thus a very versatile addition to your spatulas whisks etc. You will want to have more than one of these, as you will find that you often use more than one at a time

There Are Other Helpful Gadgets You'll Need

A reliable timer is among gadgets you can not do without. Do not 'count on your ability to watch the clock. Let a timer remind you and avoid turning your cookies and pastries into charred little cinders. You will also want to have a pair of kitchen scissors amongst your gadgets, as they're handy for trimming pie dough, cutting paper to line pans and snipping pieces of dried fruit.

You'll also want vegetable peelers and apple corers, especially if you're inclining toward baking pies or fruit tarts. As odd as it may seem to the inexperienced baker, a ruler is a gadget you'll need your pastry and pie tools. You will use it for measuring pan sizes and pastry shapes, but also as a straight edge when cutting pastries and dough.


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