UFC 2009 was so popular among gamers that it comes as no surprise that UFC Undisputed 2010 would punctually follow in its footsteps. The added improvements answered many of the fans of the previous games' requests for much obligatory new features.

THQ promised and showcased some very good quality stuff for the new UFC Undisputed 2010. Gone is the motionless animations of the preceding game and they are replaced with much more dynamics. In mid-hold and prone positions, the fighters seem to be much more alive and you can see them breathing and struggling. You can just about sense the burn as your arms strain to break free of a hold. There are also brand new transitions between take downs.

You can switch to southpaw by clicking the right joystick and the game has added more front submissions, targeting systems, a reanimated clinch and fight animations. Penn Arm Trap THQ added Greco-Roman wrestling, Sambo style fighting and karate and if that is not enough, you can even put together your own move set

UFC 2010 has a roster of over 100 characters to choose from. Every UFC athlete in the game will be given the photo-realistic treatment to make your gaming experience as real as it can be without actually being in the octagon with Brock Lesnar.

This game should certainly be one of the top-sellers in 2010 without a doubt. Out of all the fighting video games out there, UFC Undisputed 2010 seems destined to be one of the best.


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