Based on the customization and user application, LED are generally of three types; miniature LED, High Power LED and Application based LED.

Miniature led lights are those available in very small size and are used mostly in hand-held devices like cell phone, Personal Digital Assistants etc. High powered LED lights are generally used at industrial level. These are used in scientific research, engineering works and in mechanical fields, etc. The name is self explanatory that LED are high powered; its performance is enhanced! Application based LED lights are ideal example of customization. Since LED technology can be available in different sizes, shapes and its performance can be moderated; LED is used in multiple sectors. All these LED lights are termed as application based LED.

Miniature LED are smaller in size and generally available in single color and shape. There designing is suitable for use on circuit board and they do not offer heat controlling or any cooling device. The miniature lights offer light production within the narrow scale of ratings. And these are used in sophisticated or technology intensive automated industries.

High powered lights are generally customized to the industrial or scientific research needs. These need to come up with a heat sinker device otherwise the High Powered LED can become ‘out of service’ forever; soon you turn the switch off. Certainly heat in the transmission area of light affects the wave length of the LED light but the device needs to stay cool. High Powered LED comes with the heat sinker and can deliver lights of couple of time higher rating than miniature.

The third category of LED types include the application based LED lights. These are broadly sub-categorized in flashing, Bi-color, Three-color, Red-Green-Blue and alphanumeric. Flashing LED works as flash bulbs like indicators of vehicles. Bi-color and Three-color LED offers two to three colors of light emitting from single device. These are often used in decoration purpose. You need to direct the lighting based on the supply you provide!

Red-Green-Blue is a coloring scheme that is applied to some LED lighting system and these Red-Green-Blue LED produces light in the Red-Green-Blue scale. Generally Red-Green-Blue stands for Red, Green and Blue. One needs to add four wires to get Red-Green-Blue output from LED light. Alphanumeric LED are much complex in their settings than any other LED light. It would require advanced level of technological understandings. These are on the whole some types of LED lights.


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