"Honey, do not you think it's time to do something about the lawn?"

(it's my wife shouting from the kitchen window)

"Ok, I'll fix it right away," I answer and go out to the garage only to find out that I havn't any gas to our lawnmower, once again.

This was one situation that made me finally change from an old school gas lawnmower to the Toro 20360 e-Cycler Electric Lawn Mower. This article is a review of the Toro 20360 and also an explanation about why I chose a battery driven mower instead of gas. Messing with the gas was one reason for the change. Other important elements in my decision were the difference in noise levels and the handling of the machine.

So, there I stand in the garage considering looking for the gas can. After 10 minutes I found it and I hit the road for a 3 mile drive to the gas station. I fill up the can and immediately when I start the car I feel the terrible smell of gas in the car.

Back home I fill up the lawnmower which means that now I also have the same smell of gasoline in my garage. I pull out the mower into the garden. In this situation I try hard to be optimistic but I know that this piece of modern engineering has never been very easy to start. After pulling the starting strap about 47 times I am finally rewarded with an ear-breaking roar.

I know I sound a bit negative here but there are two machines that should be quairer than they usually are; lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners. Even gas driven lawnmowers of today are often far too noisy in my opinion.

As you probably have understood by now, my preferred lawnmower is driven by a battery. There are many good electric lawn mowers on the market. I checked a few and one of the reasons I chose the Toro 20360 e-Cycler Electric Lawn Mower was the sound level. The main reasons for choosing a battery driven lawnmower were two; easy handling and no more messing with gas and oil. Just remember to recharge and it's ready to go!


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