1. Picking the right tread mill can be difficult.

Look at it as an investment. Remember that you want to enjoy the time you spend on it every day. Your treadmill will be your friend and it will be easier to use it every day if you enjoy your time together.

2. Is it simply a clothes rack or a stress reliever?

Perhaps you know what I am talking about. The fact is that sales on exercise equipment go up right around New Years Day and then drop to the annual low by the middle of the year. This is going to change your schedule and your life, not just add to your storage space.

3. How can you change the scenery from your tread mill?

Having a treadmill complete with breeze fans in an air conditioned room is the perfect way to beat the heat; however, indoor exercising has its drawbacks too. The scenery never changes. Prepare your new environment by providing some kind of a distraction; music, television, or even setting up in a room with windows is a great idea for any one who wants to pass the time in pleasure.

4. Get the extended warranty!

So you have purchased the perfect tread mill and you have started to get that look that you have been missing and what happens? Something on the tread mill wears out or there is a factory defect. Of course it is just too expensive to call out a technician to come and fix it. The extended warranty is always a good idea because one visit by the technician can cost as much as the extended warranty and because you are going to use the tread mill religiously.

5. Do it!

Set a goal and do it! Some people find it helpful to train for a specific event. Find out what kinds of runs or walks are being held locally and sign up to compete. When you have pre-registered for a 5k, 10k, half, or full marathon it is much easier to make the time to 'chill' on the treadmill.


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