Save yourself from submerging in the ocean of apps. We bring out the best iPhone apps, 2011, for you to fill up your iPhone with, this new year. You know, it’s a madhouse out there. The Apple Store is glutting with 600,000 apps, and the count is increasing. But then, we, after a careful review of the newest wrinkles in the fraternity of iPhone technology, bring to you the coolest iPhone apps (2011) that might soon become your identity. Browse through the following list of iPhone applications, and pick up your favorites. You’re going to love them, my word.

Best iPhone Apps, 2011

I think, the best iPhone apps for this year shall focus less on social-networking, and more on productivity. I mean, come on! Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Google are present in every other smartphone. If you’re looking forward to make your apps your identity, you’d have to move beyond those mundane apps! Hence, we present some applications for your darling handset that not only offer you productivity, but take your iPhone experience to an all new level. Don’t believe me? Download the following, and you’ll soon realize. Check ’em out…

Pandora Radio

There’s a reason I mentioned this one. This killer iPhone application soared high all throughout the previous year. However, there are still many iPhone users who’ve not yet availed the benefits this app has. To them, there’s only one necessary advice – download Pandora Radio ASAP, people! If you’re an avid music fan, this could suffice all your requirements. Offering you music you want to listen to, artists you want to enjoy, this app isn’t one of those boring radio stations that play music of their choice. Instead, it creates personalized music stations with your favorite music.

Angry Birds

Challenge? We say, you cannot put your phone down once you’ve started on with this game. Lets see how many of you actually win! This game is dangerously addictive. Caution: You might end up squandering hours and hours playing this award-winning game. This one, ranks way up high on the list of the top 10 must have iPhone apps for this year!


Bookworm? Love reading? Got lots of time? Kindle is your app for the year. Presenting before you as many as 750,000 books, journals, magazines, and newspapers to read, this offering certainly is one of the most essential iPhone apps (2011) for readers. Download this amazing application, no matter which installment of iPhone you own. Know what? It allows you to save pages, bookmark, and highlight too!


If you’re bad at remembering stuff such as information, recipes, numbers, barcode scans, etc. SpringPad makes it all easy for you. If you’ve used EverNote in the previous year, you’ll know that SpringPad works the same way, but this time, it’s way better. So, if you want to remember something, put the information with the help of this app in your device, and categorize it. All the information will show up on your dashboard, so that you can have easy access. Now, you won’t forget your wife’s birthday too! (phew!)


We all have heard of a song in a supermarket or on the radio, which we’re still hunting for. This was ranked as one of the coolest iPhone apps 2010, and is a must have for this year too. This app allows you to recognize any, and every song, you hear. Suppose, you’re listening to a song, but don’t know the name of the artist and the album. Just activate Shazam on your iPhone, and within 15 seconds, before the song gets over, Shazam will tell you the song title, artist’s name, and the album’s name. Now this is what I call one of the top 10 must have iPhone apps for this musical year!

For more top iPhone apps 2011, browse through the following list of iPhone apps that contains some of the most useful iPhone apps that you can boast upon. Take a look.

  • Find My iPhone
  • iMovie
  • Shozu
  • UrbanSpoon
  • Weather Channel
  • Around Me
  • Amazon
  • PhotoShop Express
  • ESPN ScoreCenter
  • IMDB
  • Kayak
  • Yelp!
  • Wikipedia


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