If you have not arranged a cell phone plan before, you may be forgiven for being confused with the vast array of schemes and cell phones on offer; most people want a plan that meets their individual requirements at the right price. A little research is the key to finding the best plan; something that may take a short while but is well worth the effort; Unfortunately, some buyers end up with poor contracts that cost them more money. Being stuck with a cell plan that was poorly chosen is a very expensive thing. With most contracts starting at two years, the misery is drawn out.

For those people that believe their use would be better suited to a monthly cell phone plan then the consideration is having a charge for each minute used or by the second. There are many plans available today, in fact some change by the day so you would be wise to look carefully, especially at those with a monthly agreement. For those of us who travel the continental United States, a nationwide calling plan is a must. Surprise charges at the end of a billing cycle are not much fun to deal with.

There are different plans for family, national and regional use which should give plenty of scope when making that decision. You will need to take into account that these plans have disadvantages as well. One downside to prepaid cellular phones is that they often have watered down functionality compared to those that are paid for monthly. Plans created for small businesses and families would not be suitable for large companies that have very specific criteria.

If you are someone that uses a cellular phone to contact other members of your family a great deal then the family option is ideal with discounts for those calls. You may also find that other savings are available using this type of plan including special airtime discounts. Some family plans have shared minutes, using rollover minutes that exist on the plan, will help defray any overcharges for extra minutes used. Ask if this applies to the plan you choose.

Long distance calls are usually included free as part of the package with National cell phone plans. You will also not be charged for roaming with this type of plan and this is of huge benefit to business travelers. However, you should have a regional plan and while National calls may be charged but probably at a reduced rate. Although the prepaid option is very popular, business people and those that travel a great deal will not really benefit from this type of cell phone plan.

To finish; cell phones are great but, choose your plan wisely to avoid any heads when the bill comes. A flat rate for x amount of minutes is good, just remember to check your monthly usage to avoid over minutes charges.


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