While the users of Apple iPhone are stuck with the same hardware and the same features, Android users have a lot of choices to choose a phone to meet their needs. If you visit a gadget store and ask for an Android phone, there is a huge chance that the sellers will show you more than a dozen of Android devices. But when it is always a good thing to have a lot of options to choose, it can still make many people confused. In other words, if you do not choose carefully and cleverly, you may waste your money and end up with a bad experience with Android. In this article, I will show you several things you should consider first before purchasing an Android phone.

Make a list of the features you need

Each Android device offers a different set of features so you must know beforehand what features you will need in your phone. Therefore make sure you know what you will be using the phone fore. The smart customers always narrow down their needs so they will not end up buying something they do not want. And this rule applies to the customers of Android phones too.

Do researches and read reviews first

If you just go to the gadget store and keep trying and testing all the devices, it can be tedious for you as well as the retailer. Moreover, the retailer may give you false information about a device to trick you to buy it. By the same token, you should always do your own researches before going to the store to make the purchase. It is also better to check out phone reviews than reputed third-party sources so you can have more objective and honest information about the device you want to buy. Another advantages of reading / watching reviews is that you may know about other products as well because most reviews usually have a comparison section between similar devices.

Check the manufacturer of the device

There is a joke that there are even more Android phones models than Android users. When it is just a joke, it also states the fact that there are so many companies producing Android devices. Although you may find that some manufacturers offer Android phones at ridiculously low prices, once you get the phone, you'll be thoroughly disappointed. To be able to offer that price, these manufacturers typically create their phones using low-quality hardware, and then making the phone absolutely unusable and easy to be broken. Even if you're in luck and find it to be working perfectly, there's a good chance that if ever you have problems with it, you will not be able to find any help at all. Therefore my advice is that always buy products from well-known manufacturers. Another important thing, when you buy the phone, make sure you get the proper documents like warranty card, manual and invoice. Finally, to save valuable time in the future, make sure you store the contact details of the nearest service center for your phone.


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