The new Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 is a smartphone that boasts much of the same functionality of other Xperia models but without the bulk that many of them carry. In essence it is a handset for people who like smartphone features, but with the size of a feature phone.

This Android handset is being pitched as a budget smartphone, putting in competition with the likes of the popular handsets the HTC Wildfire and the LG Optimus One. The model sports a good quality 3 "screen, which although smaller than many alternative models, still manages to offer a good enough size to easily view web pages and retain excellent touchscreen navigation. , the resulting image quality is high, graphics look defined and the display bursts with color. A scratch resistant coating covers the screen which is a point worth noting, especially in the modern age of increasing contract length. The unit incorporates an accelerometer in order to perform auto rotation, and also a proxy sensor so the screen can automatically lock during a call. Like other models within the range the handset benefits from its use of the excellent Timescape feature. find it useful. It basically offer all of your status updates and tweets together with missed calls and incoming messages, giving you a timeline of all infor mation relevant to you.

Despite the lack of a pinch and zoom facility, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 still features a good quality web browser. This browser is aided by some great connectivity options, so whether you are at home or on the move, access to the web is always available. The Xperia 8 is WiFi enabled, so it is easy to connect to an applicable network for the fastest possible connection. Connection speeds B and G are both supported. Whilst on the go 3G facilities are pretty essential, allowing for the fastest mobile data exchange speeds. If you are unlucky enough to wander outside of 3G coverage, you can still stay in touch thanks to EDGE and GPRS as reliable back up. The camera facility sounds a little basic at just 3.15 mega pixels, however the end product is surprisingly good with a good image quality, and also the option to shoot video at 30 frames per second should you require it.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 is a superbly priced handset, that despite lingering in the budget end of the market, manages to fit in some top quality features.


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