Whenever you save files onto your PC, these would actually be stored in the hard drive of your computer. If you use your computer day in and day out, especially for work, you can just imagine how many files your hard drive would store over time. Furthermore, there is actually no guarantee that you would be able to remember all of the files that you have stored in a matter of months and years. Thus, if there would be a need to search hard drive for a certain file or two, this just might be a bit difficult for you. Now, imagine that you have to get your hands on that particular file as soon as possible, probably because you have a presentation to make and that file is very much needed. What should you do then?

Worry no more because there is actually an easier and faster way of searching your hard drive for certain files. This is especially true if your operating system is Windows XP, or even some of the older versions. However, if you are using Windows Vista, then you are definitely in luck. Windows has actually modified its search utility a little bit more, making it all the more user-friendly to just about any user. Even the typical child can use this search utility with relative ease. So, how do you do this exactly?

This would actually depend on how your OS or operating system is configured or set up. The very location of your search prompt would even depend on this. There are some computers that have their search window located at the bottom portion of the START menu. This particular location makes it easier to search for certain files because you no longer have to click additional buttons. You just click the START menu and you can conveniently find the search button right then and there. All you would have to do is enter the filename of the file in question and then hit ENTER.

But if you try this option and you can not find your search prompt, do not fret just yet. Follow these very easy steps in accessing your search prompt. First, click START and then find the SEARCH icon. Look for that icon that is shaped like a magnifying glass. Hit that icon and this should give you another fly-out, to give you the options to search for Files, Folders, People, and in Microsoft Outlook as well. Click on the appropriate icon to start your search, for this would then give you a search window. This window will actually be blank in appearance, with just the instructions, "To begin, type in the Search Box". This is your cue to start typing the filename of the file in question. However, if you do not really remember the accurate filename, then go ahead and click the Advanced Search icon right below the search box. This opens options to search in particular file locations and folders. To search hard drive more successfully, you can start with the smaller locations or drives. You can then just type in words that you feel might be part of the filename and then choose folders that would most likely be the locations of your file.


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