The Cuisinart SS-700 Single-Serve Brewing System is a refugee of tranquility and peace in the midst of this hectic life which most of us lead. It seems to beckon us to make time for ourselves; to re-charge our batteries with a cup of our favorite, flavorful coffee.

There is no doubt that coffee-drinking is as popular as ever and is here to stay; so why not use one of the best coffee-brewers on the market at the moment.

It is highly versatile and if you want a coffee-brewer for family use or for entertaining; or wherever you just want to grab a quick cup before you have to rush out – this machine does it all.

Not only can you use it for coffee, it can also be used to make tea, hot cocoa or chocolate, soup or any other beverage which requires hot water. And do not worry about residual tastes because the Cuisinart SS-700 has a rinse facility which will flush out all traces of the previous drink. And as an added bonus it also has an iced beverage setting.

Before I buy anything I want to know first of all what benefits I will derive from the product, so here are just a few which this coffee-brewing system has:

• There are 5 cup sizes so whether you want to linger and savor your drink or if you want a quick coffee shot before you rush off, there's just the measure for you
• It only takes a minute to prepare your gourmet drink
• There is an adjustable temperature control to satisfy everyone's preference
• Make the taste of chlorine in your water, and other bad tastes and odors a thing of the past – the Cuisinart SS-700 has a charcoal water filter to give you a great drink every time
• You do not have to spend your time between brews constantly refilling the machine – it has an extra-large 80 ounce, removable water reservoir
• No need to worry about impurities – all parts that come into contact with the water or coffee are BPA-free (Bisphenol A, which is a chemical compound commonly found in plastic that has long been known to present a health hazard)
• Fancy a tall mug of coffee – no problem, just remove the drip tray and slide the mug in
• This machine uses the K-Cup technology and benefits from being able to use any of the 200 varieties available – you get a 12 K-Cup pack free with this product for you to sample
• However, if you want to use your own grounds then you can utilize the My K-Cup Re-Usable Coffee Filter which is provided and which stores in the unit
• You know how if you leave a carafe of coffee on the hotplate it quickly loses its taste; well, because the Cuisinart SS-700 only takes a minute to brew, there's no need to make more than you actually need

This machine has been a consistently popular product, with many thousands having being sold. Here are just a few of the things that satisfied customers have said in its favor:

• Quiet brewing function
• Very quick brewing
• Multi-functional
• A large water reservoir
• A trusted brand name
• Easy to use

As with just about every product on the market not everyone is always completely satisfied and the main grumble when it comes to the Cuisinart SS-700 seems to be that when you use a K-Cup it has a tendency to puncture the whole of the top of the cup with the result that it can sometimes be a little messy. But, having said that, it is so easy to clean that to me this is not a big factor.

There is a full spectrum of features including an Auto On / Off and a fully-programmable blue backlit LCD display with a digital clock.

At present, the Cuisinart SS-700 is offered at a very healthy discount and in my opinion is well worth exploring further.


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