One of the great features of a Blu-Ray Player that has quickly become a staple feature is its ability to connect to the internet. But many people do not have Ethernet access in the living room where most Blu-Ray Players are located. This can be a real inconvenience for some. Finding a Blu-Ray Player with built-in Wi-Fi will give you access to the internet for online streaming media services like Netflix, without the hassle of an Ethernet cable. Last year in 2009 such Wi-Fi Players, like the LG BD390, had a price tag of close to $ 400.00. Thankfully the new line of Blu-Ray Players released in 2010 with built-in Wi-Fi are reduced in price. Here are five of the best Blu-Ray Players with Built-In Wi-Fi for under $ 250.00.

Samsung BD-C6500 – Wi-Fi – 802.11N – List Price: $ 249.99

The BD-C6500 Blu-Ray Player from Samsung gives you more features than any other player at this price. Including 1 GB of internal memory, DLNA compliant and 7.1 analog audio outputs. It has Samsungs Apps that allows developers to create an ever-growing list of programs to increase the players functionality. It already has online streaming media services for Netflix, Vudu and Pandora.

Sony BDP-S570 – Wi-Fi – 802.11n – List Price: $ 249.99

The BDP-S570 Blu-ray Player is the only model in this list that will ever be able to support the playback of 3D Blu-Ray Disc. (Firmware upgrade is expected in the summer of 2010) It also happens to have one of the fastest operational times of any player released in 2010. However, some experts have stated concerns about the players ability to stream Netflix. The image quality is not as good compared to other players. Other streaming media include Amazon VOD, YouTube and Slacker.

LG BD570 – Wi-Fi – 802.11b / g / n (2.4GHz band only) – List Price: $ 279.95

While the BD570 has a list price of $ 279.95, it is selling for lower than $ 250.00 at most online stores such as The BD570 has online streaming media services that include Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Pandora, and Picasa. It may not have 3D Support, 7.1 analog audio outputs or some of the other features found in the previous two Blu-Ray Players. But it has no problems with streaming Netflix and has fast operational reasons.

Panasonic DMP-BD85K – Wi-Fi 'Ready' – Includes USB Wi-Fi Adapter – List Price: $ 249.95

The DMP-BD85K does not have built-in Wi-Fi. But it does supply you with a Wi-Fi Dongle. You simply plug the USB Wi-Fi adapter into the USB port located the back of the player. It has streaming media services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon VOD, and Picasa. Unfortunately it has slower operational speed, no DLNA support or internal memory (an SD Card is needed for storage). With it's lack of features compare to competing Blu-Rays, many may feel this player is slightly over priced.

Vizio VBR200W – Wi-Fi – 802.11n – List Price: $ 199.99

While the DMP-BD85K may seem overpriced, the VBR200W from Vizio will seem like a bargain. Offering you a nice set of features at a very reasonable price. The VBR200w has online streaming media services such as VUDU, Netflix, Pandora Internet Radio, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Associated Press and The New York Times.

Depending on your needs and budget, you should fine a great Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Player from the players mentioned. Providing an easy transition to all your streaming media needs.


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