The world of Lego Racers is a world of authentic model replicas, customizable models and exhilarating computer games, and is perfect for young boys, as well as anyone who enjoys cars, racing or simply building Lego.

There are several different lines in the series, one of them is the authentic replica. These are the most collectable models and are popular with both children and adults. They feature stunning recreations of classic cars such as the Ferrari F430 Challenge and Ferrari F1 Racer. These can be decorated with official logos, and often feature movable parts such as door and engine, and pullback motors so they can really move.

There are also several Lego Racers available of Lego's own design, such as the Revvin Riders or Nitro Terminator. These are great fun to build and can often be assembled in different ways to create different combinations. Features include pull-back motors and realistic sound effects. These models go great with sets like the Brickstreet Customs or Lego Bridge Chase which allow you to put your cars into action, racing against others, launching over ramps, or even stopping to get gas. These sets feature launching gear, drawbridges and many other moveable parts and gadgets.

One of the most popular products in the line is the computer game available for PC, GameBoy and PlayStation which is still considered as a classic today. This range of exciting toys allows you to build your own custom cars and drivers from Lego pieces and then race them around the track, against a success of increasingly difficult opponents. The gameplay is extraordinarily detailed and the tracks are based on classic Lego sets such as Captain Redbeard, Basil the Batlord and Johnny Thunder. There is also a multiplayer version so you can challenge a friend to pit their car against yours.

The series of Lego Racers toys offers hours of great fun, whether you are interested in building virtual models in the computer game, or getting your hands on the real thing, and whether you want to create an authentic replica, or to see where your imagination can take you.


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