One of the best things about modern technology is that there are a variety of ways that new gadgets can help people get in shape. With laptops and wifi bringing the whole outside world to us, it’s nice when technology helps us get outside and be more active.

GPS running watches are a great example of crossover between the technological and the athletic. They look like regular digital watches that one might wear when exercising, but they include a GPS transmitter, to help you track your run. Many of the best of these watches have high end features that let you track your workout, set goals, and monitor your progress as you go.

For example, some watches come with settings that keep track of the speed of your run across your workout. Based on your location and how fast that location changes, the watch’s internal components monitor and constantly calculate how fast you are moving.

If distance, rather than speed is your goal, get a running watch that uses GPS to track how far your run or jog has taken you. Why map out approximate distance on a map when you can just have your watch keep the record for you?

Some of the best GPS running watches even include strong enough signals to keep constant track even when you are a trail runner, and your course takes you through a wooded area where other signals may be lost. And to help keep you from getting lost yourself, these watches often come with features to help you mark your path for an easy trip back.

If you are just starting to become a runner, or if you have certain health concerns, your reason to start running may be to build cardio strength. In this case, you should look for GPS running watches that also include a heart rate monitor. It can help you make sure you are in a good cardio zone, but also help you avoid over-exerting yourself.

From running shoes that coordinate with our MP3 players to keep us at the right pace to graphs that chart stationary bike speed, technology is revolutionizing exercise. This type of watch is just one way that technology helps us get fit.


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