Desktops are both durable and affordable. They can be easily updated with the latest features without the constant fear of having outmoded technology. Desktops come comfortably large, some even 20 inches in size. They are now sleek and elegant giving a trendy setting to any office space they occupy. Some computers come with a chassis that stands proudly like a tower beside the monitor. There are also PCs that are so obviously and greatly rectangular as to measure 20 inches even diagonally!

With 512MB as the standard internal memory offered by some of the branded computers, several programs can be run at will without fear of slowing down the working of the computer. This is a real boon for the busy user who has to be equipped to do multi tasking on his computer at any given point of time.

Some computers have a clock that indicates the pulse rate per second that the processor can handle. The graphic card helps create graphics and animations and one can enjoy the impact on the wide screen monitor. The flat TFT monitor with LCD display is quite an eyeful either to enjoy graphics or movies. Computers can now compete with any TV with their flat and ultra thin screens. So computers can double as TV screens both for their size and the wide and attractive entertainment features they offer. What is more, the speakers are just as good because they offer home theater effects with speakers embedded in the PC. Work or leisure, the satisfaction gained is immense. The options are many.

Generally, a Desktop PC comes with 1GB built in memory but if more is required, flash cards can also be used. The hard drive can store anything from files, folders to visual images. The images from a digital camera can also be stored in the computer. Similarly there is a provision to burn DVDs. The dual layer DVD writer supports multiple formats. Songs, photographs and text documents can be stored and retrieved with ease.

About six USB ports and the network card enables the computer to connect to the internet through the high speed broadband connection. When compared to the laptop, the desks PCs are less expensive both in price and in the power they access. A 250 GB hard drive is the recommended capacity for any respectable PC The performance of these computers has also greatly increased to rival the greater demand of the laptops. The Printer and scanner workings are the advantage that scores over the laptop in this aspect.

So, if you are planning to buy a Personal computer, make sure that all these above features are at your disposal because then your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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