This is a comparison of the popular Oral B triumph electric toothbrush vs the Sonicare elite made e by Philips. Both the Elite and Triumph are rechargeable and both have systems that monitor the time needed to clean each portion of your mouth. However the oral B has a built in alert to warn you up to ten days before you will need new brush heads, where the Sonicare lacks this feature.

On the other hand the Sonicare features a soft bristle system for those people who have never used an electric toothbrush before. The Elite on the other hand has four modes including sensitive, polish, massage, and clean. Wear as the Sonicare only has a two modes gentle and max. This being said the true difference in toothbrushes lie not with it’s features but with the core technology. The Sonicare is a sonic toothbrush meaning it vibrates back and forth producing 30,000 sweeps per minute. The Oral B is a power toothbrush in other words the brushes moves in and out at 40,000 times per min and side to side at 9,000 times per min.

As you can see both the Oral B and the Sonicare offer some fairly similar options but at the end of the day which ones better. Well that’s up to interpretation I own a Sonicare and I love it but I’ve never tried the Oral-B. Whatever brush you do decide to go with I think you will be happy with it. Before you buy one make sure you search for a free Sonicare and Oral B coupon you can save around $10 with the coupon.


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