We all want to have healthy teeth and gums, after all, in many cases a beautiful smile is valued more than 1000 words…

Happily for us we have nowadays an incredible invention which can provide the perfect smile and most healthy teeth, and that is the Sonicare elite electronic toothbrush.

Studies have showed that most of the teeth problems come from the gums problems, so if we want healthy teeth, we first of all need healthy gums. That is why Sonicare elite electric toothbrush is so special: it equally focuses on the gums, as well as on the teeth.

Sonicare elite electric toothbrush replaces successfully a dentist’s professional cleaning, because it is so adjustable for every individual. Why is it adjustable? Because it has two speed levels, for different parts of the mouth, it has two kinds of brush heads, one for a delicate brushing, if you have sensitive gums and teeth, and one for a rougher brushing, which is perfect for massaging the gums.

The bristles are also very special, because they combine different styles in a well studied combination, so that they can provide a perfect cleaning and an efficient removal of the plaque with no pain at all.

Many of us don’t give too much importance to the brushing, we don’t really have the patience or sometimes are just too tired to do it right, but believe it or not, the Sonicare elite electric toothbrush has the solution: it has a high speed technology which makes teeth cleaner in a shorter time. The small but powerful engine inside provides at least 20 times more strokes than a manual brushing in just 60 seconds.

Another novelty for the Sonicare elite electric toothbrush is that it got read of the classical batteries, because it has a charger and an inside battery that can last up to 10 days without a recharge.

Sonicare elite electric toothbrush package comes also with a travel case, two brush heads and head covers.

The prices for the Sonicare elite electric toothbrush can vary between 129.99 and 299.99 US dollars, depending on the quality of the brand and the accessories included. You can also purchase a 2-pack brushhead refills for only 34.99.

Having the chaotic alimentation that we have nowadays, our teeth are constantly bombed with acids that reduce their strength and in time can produce multiple affections. We cannot avoid that, and we certainly cannot carry a toothbrush with us and use it after every meal, like in an ideal scenario.

Instead of that we can use a toothbrush that with only two brushes a day can ensure you the perfect protection for your teeth. And that is the Sonicare elite electric toothbrush.

If you are considering to change your toothbrush and want the best for your teeth, Sonicare electric toothbrush is no doubt the best choice, because it is a long time investment for you and your family. It is your personal dentist, it provides you the best care because it is so adjustable for each person, and it is almost like a custom made toothbrush just for you!


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