The personal computer world is dominated by two quality producing giants which is not surprising how many people per month ask the question, "should I buy a HP or Dell desktop computer". To answer this question simply involves asking yourself three main questions about your budget, how you perceive quality and style, and lastly after sales support.

1. Your Budget – A common trend I have personally noticed that that Dell is perceived as a power house in offering affordable computers and Dell has rightly positioned itself in the minds of consumers as such. On the other hand it looks HP has not noticed this and ever since last year it has tried to tack this with the release of its Slimline 5000 series to contend Dell's Inspiron Mini Tower range. This has led HP to producing affordable quality slim desktop. So before you run and think Dell is the more affordable alternative HP is now in that market and offers better quality.

2. Your perception of quality and style – The ordinary Dell Inspiron range comes in a dwarfed, slightly bulky mini tower measuring at at 6.7 in (width) x 17.1 in (length) x 14.3 in (height) and a weight of 28 pounds. In comparison the HP Slimline 5000 series comes in a sleek high gloss piano finish black and has an attractive green illuminating line light. Its chassis measures in at a marginally smaller 4.21 in (width) x 15.91 in (length) x 10.86 in (height) and a weight of 21 pounds. Furthermore, of the two, HP has had the highest personal computer sales since 1998 because of their ability to produce affordable quality.

3. After Sales Support – This is one of the most critical determining factors as a good after sales support will reduce the amount of headaches when you encounter a problem with your desktop. While both HP and Dell offer good after sales support, HP does have an upper hand which has earned them an award for their Total Care Support. Their system offers 24 hour live support, free online classes and video tutorials.

After considering these three main points there is a perception that this article is heavily biased toward HP and rightfully so. HP is the better choice and the only muscle Dell looks to possess is its positioning as an affordable desktop which HP looks to be trying to muscle in on.


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