If you'd like to make a little extra money, maybe sell some of your spy equipment and buy some new gadgets, you might enjoy setting up an account on eBay and selling some of your collection of spy equipment. You can take this further and open a store if you like it, but for the moment, have you ever thought about selling some of your stuff?

Some of your older, more unusual spy equipment that you've been collecting for a while may be really valuable to someone building their own collection. And if you look at eBay as a kind of flea market or swap meet, you may be able to sell your spy equipment, and find someone on eBay who has something you want and can buy with your promises.

A lot of people make a little extra income, and get interesting stuff with that money, using eBay. You can almost certainly find buyers for your spy equipment, and if you want to branch out and open an eBay store, you can find wholesalers to sell you sponge stuff, and you then write auctions that talk about how great the gear is and how to use it, and have a whole spy shop of your own.

You can make some decent money selling on eBay, if you have the right product and the right approach. That is as true of spy equipment as it is of any other product. You can usually do quite well if you're willing to find good sources, write listings that show off your products, keep a lot of products on auction, and deliver good customer service.

If you're thinking about selling spy equipment on eBay, your best first move is to watch a few auctions of spy stuff and see how they go. Notice what's selling, what it's selling for, and how quickly it goes. Your goal is to determine what spy equipment people are most eager to buy, and encourage them to buy from you.


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