Runners and triathletes are the best persons that have full knowledge why choosing the right running shoes is important. They are fully aware that chances of injuries increase when their shoes have manufacturing defects, unable to provide much needed support and balance, or purely because it is simply worn-out. When choosing shoes, you should know everything about your feet and also the manner and way how they run.

For example: low, normal or high arches or if you are pronator or supinator. Being aware of these aspects can guide you in coming up with the most appropriate shoe option. Precisely, if you are a pronator, you will need shoes that give emphasis to better control rather than shock absorption. Wondering how you will identify if you have pronated feet?

Examine your old shoes, if there is any tilting inward deformity or broad wearing at the outside of the heels and at the inside portion of the forefoot, you have pronated foot. On the other hand, you have supinated foot when you notice that old shoes tilt out and wearing out is usually on the outer edges of the sole. Supinated feet need shoes that accentuate shock absorption. The ultimate purpose of running shoes is to keep and hold your foot stable. This is especially valuable to prevent the occurrence of injuries caused by biomechanical imbalance. In the same way that it is necessary to keep track if the running shoe that you are wearing is near its worn-out stage. Make sure that you check your shoes from time to time to notice any signs of wearing out.

Too much worn-out running shoes are less capable of providing you with the support that your feet needs and greater chances of injuries, which is the last thing that you want to happen. The responsibility of ensuring that running shoes are in the best condition to give you the safety and comfort that your feet need is basically in your hands.


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