After i received the Razer Naga in the mail, I found it hard to believe that I was actually receiving a computer mouse. It was packaged in such an ornamental fashion that i thought I may very well have bought a historical scroll, or possibly a valuable artifact. Like with most Razer products, it features spectacular product packaging. Some individuals say they are potentially shelling out way too much on product packaging and marketing. This is true. Deal with it. I, for one, kind of liked it.

After opening the actual mouse and then plugging it in, I was even more pleased. The Naga turned on quickly, and the glowing lights held me entranced. The buttons light up to help you play at night. I do not ever do this, but maybe you could be a youngster aiming to cover up the truth that you're always up beyond bedtime enjoying games. That's what happens when they keep the computer in a place where you are able to stay up unnoticed.

I enjoy online games way more than I should. The good news is, I am seeing another person at this time that is much more addicted than I am, so I'm not in trouble. I am certain any psychiatrist will actually assert that it's quite bad, and we're reinforcing our undesirable habits – however I digress. The point is, I enjoy plenty of game titles, and so i had several assessments to run my new Naga through.

The very first thing I did was log on to WoW. I was thinking I would only get on, look at our interface, and then contiue reviewing the mouse. Six hours later … I'd almost finished incorporating different macros, re-doing each hotkey, as well as configuring my UI exactly the way I needed to. It in all probability would not take a regular person 6 hours, neverheless I found the Naga's use in World of Warcraft to be remarkable.

During the following few weeks, I became used to my new interface. Sure, I managed to set a bubble on the tank and obliterate a group … or two … but that's what PuGs are for! I am sorry, Mal 'Ganis pugs! I sure am sorry you wear cloth, okay?

I tested the mouse out in shooters. To get the best use conceivable from the Naga, I oftentimes tried the side buttons for such things as grenades as well as a macro or 2 (the legal types, obviously). This became a tragedy. To start with, getting the side buttons to be effective within additional games is difficult! In certain games, it's actually totally not possible. It's kind of a shame to possess a complete numpad you can not make use of.

In addition to that, the Razer is fairly light. This is not commonly a concern in MMOs such as WoW – you simply adapt to the light weight. Within FPS games, though, most game enthusiasts have a preference for a slightly bulkier mouse that is not going to accidently move about when you press a control button on the side – which is what I keep doing. I got myself wiped out on many occasions whenever i pressed a thumb button and dropped my aim.

The fact that you can not seriously utilize loads of thumb buttons inside shooters is not any great loss. In fact, shooters are frequently created to use just a few as well as the keyboard. Massively multiplayer games, on the flip side, benefit a lot from the Naga's buttons, plus the small decrease of accuracy does not change a whole lot.


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