Some Xbox 360 users have already experienced the dreaded Xbox 3RRoD or the red rings of death. This is when your console is not working and the power ring just flashes red lights angrily instead of the steady and assuring green light which means that your console is working fine.

Manufacturers of the console have actually extended warranty coverage to address the needs of Xbox owners who would want free and professional services that can help them fix Xbox red rings so that they can continue enjoying the games and the entertainment offered by their 360s.

However, some users who have experienced this problem have already bought an unauthorized repair service which voids the warranty for their console. As much as possible, Xbox owners who experience the dreaded red ring of death should consult the manufacturers first as this type of error can be easily resolved through repairs or even replacements.

Moreover, one of the cons when it comes to relying on the manufacturers to fix red rings will be the time it will take them to get your console running again and to give it back to you. The repair or replacement process of the manufacturers will usually last for a month or two depending on given circumstances.

Patently waiting and getting your console repaired or even replaced by the manufacturer is a better option compared to risking the damage of your console and getting its warranty void through acquiring unauthorized service. Still, there still are other solutions you can choose to get your red ring of death problem fixed if your warranty has already expired and you now need to pay for repairs or replacement from the manufacturers.


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