Firefox was launched as the battling sword of Mozilla against the various web browsers and more specifically Internet Explorer by Microsoft. Internet Explorer of Microsoft enjoyed the monopoly in the browser market for many years until Firefox was launched, and now Internet Explorer has even shared a major chunk of its market value with Firefox. So what makes Firefox unanimously acceptable over internet explorer or any other web browser?

Firstly it allows tabbed browsing. This is of tremendous help to someone who wants to exploit every minute of using the internet and it is also much neater and easier to view 10 tabs in a single window instead of viewing 10 different windows! Firefox works equally efficiently on different operating systems like Windows, UNIX, Linux and BSD. Another added feature in Firefox is that it has a built-in download manager. With this feature you can pause, resume or stop a downloading process as and when you like.

Firefox also provides extensive page-control. You can block ads, pop-ups, images, etc. you can also toggle with the font type and color of the websites. Firefox also provides a unique search bar with which you can search on a minimum of 10 different search engines just with the click of a button. This browser also aids in spell-check which is vital for blogging and support online form filling; This feature is absent in internet explorer.

Apart from all this, the most satisfying and convincing benefit is that Firefox provides security on net like no other web browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer has been exploited number of times by various security threats like Spyware or any other perilous installations. Mozilla Firefox blocks such installations and is less susceptible to security breaches. The reason for this is that Firefox uses a completely different technique for security. It does not depend on any security zones or digital signatures, etc. It also does not have the ActiveX component which is used by many websites to automatically install malicious content on you computer by executing some destructive scripts.

Firefox is a completely open source project. Therefore coders can manipulate the code to add new extensions, plug-ins, bug fixers, or any other noted feature to suit the client requirements. You can even customize your Firefox browser by using the various available themes.

Because for intense security on the net and for all of the above mentioned features, Mozilla Firefox certainly overshadows any other existing web browsers.


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