Promotional umbrellas are known to be a cost-effective means of advertising products and services. That's why not only big companies but small companies with limited advertising budget are also using it to promote their brands. Today, when an advertisement in newspapers or national network can make a deep hole in your pocket, advertisements through these costs a lot less and that too too without sacrificing the efficiency and impact. That's why companies aggressively use them in the marketing activities to lure customers. In addition to being cost-effective, promotional umbrellas are also the much-needed item in the UK considering the capricious weather condition which prevails here. So, if you have not used them in your brand promotion activities up till now then you should go for it immediately.

You can buy high-quality ones at low costs from the leading online suppliers. They have some great varieties of them which are perfect for promotion of products and services. Some of the promotional umbrellas available with us are: –

  • Wentworth Golf Umbrellas- A perfect value for money product which no other umbrella can offer. The Wentworth Golf Umbrella is manufactured by the best of materials and are designed to exact measures. The umbrella features a double ribbed system for wind resistance. They are durable and provide good grip and are available in a wide range of colors.
  • Mini Automatic Golf Umbrellas- The mini sized 23 inches are perfect as promotional products. The promotional umbrellas are manufactured by Centrix a trusted name in high-quality ones. The umbrella features a metal frame and fixes and is available in a wide range of vibrant color options to compliment your campaigns.
  • Classic Woodstick Umbrellas- The 12 '' classic woodstick feature a traditional crooked style handle and offers a good value for money. They speak of good quality and are available in a wide range of color options.
  • Bedford Golf Umbrellas- They are manufactured to the highest quality with exact standards. These Bedford golf umbrellas feature a 190T nylon canopy for wind resistance, a polished wooden handle, and are available in more than 70 different color options for you choose from.
  • Paris 3 Section Ladies Umbrellas- These are made up of a quality 170T nylon canopy and provides good durability. Available in a range of colors they offer excellent value for money.

In addition to above you can also choose other ones by visiting our online shop. You can also buy other promotional items, promotional gifts and promotional products by logging on to online stores.


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