Wi-Fi is the greatest new capability for gadgets that is growing so rapidly, very soon it will be hard to live without it. Wi-Fi, or “wireless fidelity” is the connection of 2 devices by using radio transmission to synchronize. Popular PDA’s, headsets, and cell phones use Wi-Fi, adding many new networking features. You can even access the internet through a router for free with some devices. One such device is the Nintendo DS, a popular handheld video gaming console.

The Nintendo DS already has a wireless Wi-Fi range of its own from the get-go, allowing you to communicate with other DS owners nearby. This can be a very convenient and attractive allure for customers, especially in the console’s home country of manufacturing, Japan. In crowded trains, train stations and coffee shops, it would not be at all hard to find someone to play a game with, or initiate a chat. In fact, this type of social networking is increasingly becoming more popular in Japan. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to chat and play games with people from all around the world? You can, and the possibilities are endless.

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is a system that was set up and is run by Nintendo to provide a networking portal for gamers all around the globe to connect and find matches to play games. It is a totally free service that is accessible with the Nintendo DS by using Wi-Fi to link up to the internet.

You can connect to this free service by accessing any wireless hotspot across town. Most areas that you are in have wireless networks that you can attach to at no charge. Cafes, libraries, schools, and other places have these free wireless areas set up for their patrons. You can also find free Wi-Fi around apartment complexes and even universities. Unfortunately in some places, free internet service is not available. For example, up until recently, Nintendo had a deal with McDonald’s to have free Wi-Fi in several restaurants, but this contract has not been renewed. Starbucks charges for the use of their Wi-Fi. Even with a lack of hotspots throughout your town, you can still find ways to access the internet for free.

A very viable option in places that do not offer free Wi-Fi is to use the wireless router from your home. Many houses nowadays have several computers and an internet access, utilizing a wireless router to provide signal to all of the computers. You can configure your router to allow access by your Nintendo DS and enter the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You can set up 3 wireless connections on your DS – use one for your home, and you could use the other two for friends’ houses! And if you don’t have a wireless router in your home, you can always purchase Nintendo’s USB connector. If your PC has a wireless connection, just plug in this USB module, and it will send signal to your DS without a router.

With the relatively cheap price of the Nintendo DS, and Nintendo’s free Wi-Fi Connection, you can take your gaming and networking to a completely different level with the DS’s capabilities. If you are willing to pay a small amount extra, you can use Nintendo’s Pay and Play system and gain access to downloads and other features, as well.


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