Perhaps the most delightful toys are the play gyms for infants. Babies are so happy and content when with these gyms that it makes everyone around them happy, too. You know how infectious a baby's giggle can be. These toys bring on the gurgles and giggles.

This article will look first at the similarities of these infant gyms , and then we will point out the differences in the 3 best sellers.

  • The construction of all these gyms are overhead bars from which hang toys and other enticements.
  • All have a washable, padded mat under the bars where baby can lie.
  • Toys, teethers etc. are of a particular theme for each toy.
  • All include some kind of musical sounds. Batteries required.
  • All include an unbreakable mirror, positioned where baby can easily see himself.

Fisher-Price Rain Forrest Gym

  • The crossed overhead arches of this gym support quite an array of toys: a soft monkey, a toucan, an elephant, a parrot, and more,
  • Also shinny leaves and butterflies and a spinner with bead above, and a crinkly leaf that connects on the mat.
  • The music of the Rain-Forest Gym is the most unique. There is 20 minutes of music or of rain forest sounds such as chirping birds, which the adult can turn on at will.
  • And, there are lights and musical sounds that will turn on or play in reaction baby's movements.
  • According to Amazon the Rain Forest gym is the best selling of the baby activity gyms.

Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym

  • The mat with this gym is colorful with the underwater scenery of the ocean.
  • There is a prop-up pillow shaped like a whale, that also has straps that make it usable as a crib toy.
  • There are fewer toys that come with this gym than some, however it is easy to attach others you may have.
  • On Amazon, this toy had more negative reviews than the others. The main complaint is the quality of the construction.
  • The performance of the toy is praised.

Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music

  • This gym / mat will travel more easily than the others. The mat and arches fold flat, but the gym snaps back together quickly.
  • The mat has a music box and mirror which must be removed from the mat before washing. But it is easy to do.
  • The music offered is 10 minuets of Mozart, or small bits of nursery songs.
  • Fun toys include a monkey with springy leg to pull, a jitterbugging elephant, a giraffe that rattles, a zebra with a full mane, a colorful parrot, and more.
  • Baby will quickly learn to touch the mat corner and turn on the music.


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