Image students can be difficult to shop for. Something you could consider buying is a pink laptop. Of course, these make great gifts for anyone who has a need for a laptop computer and likes the color pink. But college students, especially incoming freshmen, are particularly suited to this colorful piece of technology.

Laptops come in handy quite often in a college environment. Most often, college students will use their laptops in their dorm rooms, working on homework and papers, or surfing the web and watching movies with their friends and roommates. Even if a college student kept their pink laptop in their dorm room, and never took it anywhere else (which is, of course, unkily), it's still a great gift. That's because dorm rooms are notoriously small. Every bit of desk space saved makes a big difference. Plus, they're more eco-friendly as they use less energy than desktop computers.

But, of course, college students are always on the go, and it's great when their computers can go with them. He / she can take their pink laptop to class for taking notes (after all, typing is much faster than writing, so they're more likely to get more exact notes from a lecture). They'll take it to a dining hall, to study while they grab a bite to eat. The library is another hot spot for wireless laptops, as most college libraries offer wireless internet connection, which makes studying exceptionally convenient. And you can be sure that a pink laptop will get plenty of use at a coffee shop, the best place for staying up late to write papers or study for finals.

And while style is not what matters most in a computer, it sure does make them fun. College students get excited about moving into their 'own' space for the first time. Choosing sheets, lamps, and other dorm room décor is exciting. There's nothing more fun than a computer that matches. A pink laptop is a fun, yet very practical, gift to share with a college student, and you can be sure that it will be put to good use.


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