Looking for a new iPod Docking Station can be tough. There are many different products to choose from. Some are equipped with a crazy amount of features, and others have just a few. The sheer number of products out there can confuse consumers.

The products come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. You should choose one based on your needs and wants. It all depends on the type of features and functions you want and of course what price point you have in mind. With so many different products out there, you are sure to find one which fits your lifestyle.

Before you make your purchase, be sure to check for iPod docking station reviews online. See what other users are saying about the products you are considering. You can also visit electronic stores such as Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Fry's to see and feel the products in person. But the best deals are most likely found online. There are a couple things to consider when choosing an iPod Docking Station:

The amount and complexity of features range from very basic to extreme. The most minimal are just docks fitted with stereo speakers. These docks simply let you play music through speakers. However, the majority of the docking stations these days comes equipped with numerous different features and functions. Standard features on iPod docking stations with speakers include recharging of the iPod while it's docked, am / fm radio tuners, and integrated clocks with alarm systems. Some devices feature sub-woofers and bass systems. These act as legitimate stand alone sound systems. Remote controls are also a common feature – remotes allow the user to fully control the docked iPod & iPhone.

This is one category in which a lot of buyers overlook. Like the iPod, docking stations can also be portable. If you want a portable device or if you travel a lot and want a travel ipod docking station then these are the things you need to look for.

Size is obviously one factor, the smaller it is, the easier it is to move. Another issue is whether the product can be battery powered or not. Some stations can only run on A / C power while others are able to run on both A / C and battery power.

Compatibility is something you need to confirm when looking for an iPod docking station with speakers. Docking stations are not just made for the iPod. Because there are so many models of iPhones & iPods, be careful and make sure you choose a product that is compatible with your device. Although most are standard 30 pin connectors, double check the product description before purchasing.

iPod docking stations come in all different designs and styles. Some are cool and sleek looking, others are more rounded and cutesy. You can find a design which fits your personality.

From big to small, there are many sizes to choose from. Small docking stations are about the size of small computer speakers. Big ones can reach the size of a boombox and even bigger.

There is a big range in the prices. The basic ones start at around $ 30. From there, prices can rise into $ 300 to $ 1000, depending on the quality and number of features.

There are many brands to choose from. Some of the more well-known products are the iHome, Sony, iLive, JBL, Jensen, RCA and the iLuv iPod docking stations.

I personally have an iPod Touch and recently picked up the iHOME IP51GR Micro System with Dual Alarm Clock Radio and am enjoying the flexibility as a stereo, alarm clock, and charger.


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