Thousands of people have been tricked into installing personal antivirus. This is affecting computers everywhere and people are struggling to remove it. If you think you are infected you need to remove it immediately.

This can cause serious damage to not just your computer but your pocket as well. It corrupts registry entries, and creates pop ups all over your screen, driving you mad. It is not just annoying, it is a danger to your bank account too. It can use a secret backdoor it installs to steal your passwords and credit card information and when it is too late you will discover your cards have been used and your accounts compromised.

Before you remove this you need to be aware of how you became infected with it in the first place. So nothing similar happens again.

The most common way to become infected with this is with malicious websites that install this on your computer, normally in the background without you even noticing it, until it is too late. Another favorite method is someone you do not know contacting you on instant messaging, asking you to view a video, which poses this.

You can protect yourself against this by modifying your security settings on your web browser, but even this is not going to protect you. If you put the settings too high nothing will install, not even genuine software. The solution is to scan your computer on a daily basis for spyware software and to be careful of what you install on your computer.

There are two ways to remove this malicious code from your computer. Manually or automatically. The manual method requires you to edit your registry and to delete any files associated with this. The problem is the file names keep changing to prevent you being able to know what to remove and deleting the wrong files will corrupt your windows installation beyond repair.

The easiest way to remove personal antivirus is automatically. You can scan your computer registry and files to see if it is present on your computer and remove it quickly without risk, using a removal tool.

Scan your computer now for free and get rid of all those annoying pop ups and dangerous pieces of spyware before it is too late.


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