Getting your system infected with the Personal av can be a frustrating experience and if you do not speedily remove Personal av, it may end up in crashing your machine out completely. First acquainting yourself with a problem is a good idea before trying solutions for it. When you understand the problem it will be easier to prevent it from happening in future too.

Personal av is a Trojan virus that has malicious behavior. It typically attaches to Windows machines and can wreak havoc if left unchecked. The blue screen of death, annoying beep sounds without rhyme or reason, malfunction of anti-virus and firewall applications, redirecting to unwanted sites, passing out private information based on online activity, internet connection slow down are only some of the problems this virus creates . So learning how to remove Personal av becomes a must.

You could attempt to remove this Trojan either manually or using a spyware removal software. When manually trying to remove Personal av (which introduces malicious code on to your machine) here are the five steps you could follow:

1. Starting your computer in safe mode by hitting F8 several times after switching on the system

2. Opening the Internet Explorer browser window and clearing the browser history and the temporary internet files.

3. Removing all the items under Start Up

4. Removing the additional entries that have been modified or created by the Personal av

5. Restarting your computer

Although these steps do look easy enough there are a few difficulties and risks associated with manual cleaning of spyware and viruses. First of all a certain amount of expertise is needed to go to the right options and setting the required values. It calls for some level of knowledge in online security and OS.

There is also a risk that you might end up removing critical entries / information without which your system might become useless. Plus even if a small portion of the virus code is left un-flushed it is likely to edge back in. Considering all this it might be a great idea to go for a spyware removal program that cleans your system effortlessly and saves time for you.

Now that you want to attempt a permanent solution to remove Personal av from your precious computer, you need look no further. To get a free virus scan and the most reliable spyware removal tools you can click on the following link.


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