What is the best way to use a laptop? If you are like me, you want something as portable as the laptop is. That solves all problems. If you have a laptop instead of a desktop, then right off the bat, you know that you are a person that values ​​portability, style and comfortability. So why bother that laptop with a big, old, elephant-size desk?

Producers Need Portability: So many times, us producers need that portability because we are on the run and sometimes in pre-production for more than two shows at one time. Finding the best furniture for computers is a number one goal when it comes to setting up a nice office. Whether you are a network producer or a community access producer, you can benefit from portability rather than being stuck in one place all the time. Moving your works really opens up your creativity. And, finding that proper portable desk for your laptop might be the solution to your creativity problems.

Desk Variety: There are all sorts of desks in the office supply stores and more kinds of desks inside furniture stores. You can choose one with ten drawers or you can choose one with six drawers. There are desks with locks and desks without locks, desks made of plastic and desks made of chipboard or of real wood. There are those on wheels and those that stand still and defy you to move them anywhere.

If you are of the laptop mind, you want portability and ease of moving that desk around to where you want it to be. So where do you find the best desk for your purposes? You will find it in the last place that you would expect to find it. Go shopping in the thrift stores; shop in the flea markets and in the garage sales. Look around for weeks or months if need be. You will eventually find that perfect desk for you. If you have been window-shopping in the all the office supply and furniture stores, you will notice that so many of the pieces look alike. But when you go to the antique stores, flea markets and garage sales, you will find treasures that will make your eyes and heart smile forever.

Look for that small table top with the wheels. It is not exactly like the hospital tables but it is built along that concept. The perfect laptop desk has one leg. Yes, one leg. It has a pulp-type surface. Right there your laptop goes. And the winning feature also are the four wheels. Now you and your laptop can go anywhere.

Look online to see if someone has such a desk and you will have the very best desk for your laptop.


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