It was the entry of Nintendo with its Wii model into the gaming device market that opened the wide world of gaming consoles. This gaming device, within a short period, grabbed a large share of the market emerging as a successful brand. Thanks to the really heart throbbing features that makes it look different from the rest. The Wii video gaming console got launched by Nintendo as a successor to the Nintendo Game Cube which earlier had made a strong impact in the market. This seventh generation console is in straight competition with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3, targeting a large demographic market of the gaming device around the globe.

To begin the list of the really stunning features of the gaming device, let us have a look first at the wireless controller and the Wii Remote feature that makes the model too comfortable to hold the pointing device that is capable of detecting the acceleration and orientation in three different dimensions. The Wii Connect 24, feature is capable of receiving messages and updates over the Internet in a standby mode. Nintendo first came out with the idea of ​​Wii gaming console on the 2004 E3 press conference and made it unveiled later at the 2005 E3.

There were certain controversies and problems relating to the name of the gaming console from Nintendo. Named Revolution in the beginning, the console got launched. But it was later rechristened Nintendo Wii and became the first gaming console from Nintendo to get launched outside Japan without its name marked. Nintendo has brought our many reasons for the change of the name, but the important one is the toe of the word Wii, which may sound like we, that emphasize that the console is meant for everyone. It also gives an impression that two people are standing side by side. Thanks to the two lowercase "i". But nothing could pacify a group of video game developers who felt Revolution was more suitable than Wii. They too had strong arguments for that. But apart from reasons and arguments, if kept aside, one thing is sure. The Nintendo Wii video game console is one of the leading brands of gaming devices that really swept the gaming world clean of contemporaries.


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