Deep in the mid of iPhone hysteria, Nintendo and Opera quietly released an application that raised the bar for the mobile browser market. Imagine you are sitting on the couch, relaxing with the family. A commercial comes on the television and your thoughts quickly turn to an eBay auction that ends soon. What do you do now? Get up and walk into the living room to log into the computer and check it? Wake up the laptop and log in? Use your PDA to try and navigate at slow speeds and poor formatting, only to get frustrated and give up?

Instead, you could just whip out your Nintendo DS browser. Open the lid and you are immediately connected. Pull up your eBay auction page from your easily accessed bookmarks, log in with perfect formatting and fast urges to instantly access your information. When the commercial is over, simply close the lid and do not miss a beat of your favorite show.

Let's go back to the formatting, because this is the most revolutionary feature of the Nintendo DS browser. Browsing on a cell phone or PDA is cumbersome and rife with formatting errors. Pages with frames do not display properly, they do not do well with moving images, and can not handle javascript. A major problem for PDA manufacturers is to try to reformat a website, which is designed for a large screen, onto a tiny screen. Often you have to scroll around just to get the information you need. Nintendo solves this problem by taking advantage of the dual screens. The bottom screen is a birds-eye view of the web page, and you simply move your stylus over the sections you want to read, while it is zoomed in all its glory on the top screen. This type of navigation is so simple and effective, the DS will quickly replace your laptop for many tasks. Some other great features of the Nintendo DS browser are handwriting recognition, the ability to speed up load times by disabling images, and a parental control so parents can be sure their children surf in safety.

Before you buy the Nintendo DS browser you need to be aware of some important information: There are two versions of the browser. One is for the original Nintendo DS and one is for the Nintendo DS Lite. As of right now, only the Nintendo DS Lite version is available in stores. The Nintendo DS original browser needs to be purchased online. Both versions retail for $ 29.95.


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