There are several reasons you may want to grab a Nintendo 3DS Charger for your handheld system, but the true appreciation of it will only come once you use it the first time and enjoy game play when other wise it would be out of juice. The officially licensed Nintendo 3DS car charger comes with a snaky 6 foot cable so even if you are reclining comfortably in the back seat on the road to a vacation destination, you can enjoy the experience of non-stop play for hours on the way and hours more once you get there!

Now say on the other hand, you are totally wiped out of physical energy from your fun in the sun this summer and just want to sleep on the twelve hour car ride back from Florida or another popular summer vacation hotspot and you look forward to more of your favorite 3DS gameplay once you've reached home sweet home? That's too easy. Just put your 3DS on the charger while you sleep and enjoy a fully recharged system while you've recharged your own batteries. Charging up one time a day will be suffice.

The Nintendo 3DS car charger also works with the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL as well as your 3DS, so you get three times the usefulness from just the one car charger. It could not be any more convenient than that. The simple joys of putting technology to work while you sleep are hard to beat. But then again, so is rescuing the princess in 3D or finishing first in a race to the championship!

Do not be last in line to the Nintendo 3DS car charger. With upcoming launch of the Nintendo 3DS, millions of eager games have already locked in their console and accessories and items like the car charger may be difficult to come across if you do not be quick and pre-order your own. It's definitely a wise purchase which will no doubt come in handy for those long boring trips, outings at your grandparents house or any other place where you prefer not to be!

The petty amount you're asked to secure your charger will quickly be forgotten once you've enjoyed hours upon hours of hassle-free gameplay and battery life over the next year or more. Warp zone straight to the checkout for direct delivery to your door when you order your car charger online today.

All in all, buying your 3ds accessories online is the way to go if you want to get a cheaper price, beat the lines and take more time in researching the right items for your gaming needs.


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