Neff ovens have always been hugely popular thanks to their stylish designs and impressive performance. Features such as CircoTherm, CircoSteam and Pyrolytic provide users with a cooking experience that is user friendly and effective, by saving time, energy and cleaning. Neff ovens are available in series one to six, with one being the most basic and six having a wider range of in depth specifications.

In order to suit every requirement, Neff ovens are also available in three size types. Single ovens are suitable for the average family size and are the Neff flagship model. Double ovens provide two cooking sections with separate settings for more cooking options and range cookers have either one, two or three separate cooking sections.

Neff specialize in efficiency which is an important factor across the Neff cooking range. Many of the features present within the range are to ensure cooking is efficient and effective while remaining easy to use. The bread baking feature, dough providing, CircoRoasting, steaming and defrost features all display the convenience of Neff ovens and how they take the hard work out of cooking. These features automatically set the oven to the correct temperature and time for cooking your food, without the need for you to keep checking back to ensure nothing is burnt.

Neff ovens are available in four finishes, stainless steel, black, brown and white in order to look stylish and co-ordinated in any kitchen. The stainless steel models are given the 'Steelmark' stamp which means that they are made from authentic stainless steel. Many consumers worry about the cleaning of stainless steel, but rest assured this is easy to do with just soap and water, glass cleaner or a specialist stainless steel cleaner. Neff also offer an E-Cloth which cleans effectively with just water.

As with all electric ovens, Neff provide each appliance with an energy rating. These energy ratings are from AG with A being the most energy efficient. All of the ovens in the Neff range are rated either or A or B.

Under-counter installation is a common location for an freestanding oven, however Neff recommends the more ergonomically friendly tall housing installation as this provides a more convenient eye level position.

New features to look out for in the Neff cooker range are: The Revolution Handle which alters position as you open the door for safe and easy opening and closing, the SlideAway Door provides maximum cooking space by hiding under the oven when it is open, this is perfect for cleaning too.


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