Whether it is a business trip or a holiday with your family and friends, you need to carry the following basic gadgets.

Trace Me Luggage Tracker: What would you do when your luggage is lost, spoiling your vacation plans? With Trace Me Luggage Tracker, you can get back your lost luggage and also reduce the chances of losing your luggage in future. Trace Me Luggage Tracker is strong, highly durable and comes with a serial number which can be entered into the worldwide computer network system to trace your lost luggage. This system is used across 1,960 airports.

Charger / Adapter: In today's generation, everyone depend on mobile phones which is one of the most easiest and effective mode of communication. On-the-go charger is another excellent option. This portable charger allows iPods and phones to be charged on the go, using simple AA batteries.

Water Purifier: Water purifier is a must have for the extreme travel enthusiasts. It has an innovative water purification system that uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and other pathogens. It is very easy to use and it is the most effective way of purifying water especially when you are on camping, trekking or hiking.

GPS Device: A handheld GPS device is essential for extreme outdoor enthusiasts who tend to exaggerate their outdoor activities – from hiking to trekking to mountain biking to anything that is adventurous. Apart from adventure activities, a GPS device can also be used when you are planning a vacation to a new place. This handheld GPS device has regional maps that can be useful for exploring a new city.


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