Any self respecting geek will not leave home without these 5 essential travel gadgets. Why, because no matter where you are in the world you want to have access to a way of having fun, second you want to stop stress in its tracks and third, most important of of all, you do not want to be bored! So there are certain travel accessories you should not leave home without.

Number One – is your Notebook / Laptop computer, pretty much every major and most minor travel ports, be it airports, hotels, service stations etc., will have a WiFi hot spot that will give you access to the Internet. Just imagine facing a 4 hour delay without your computer to let you surf the net, answer email or update your Facebook page. Please do not tell me that you have no wireless connectivity on your PC because if that is true then you definitely need to get up to speed.

Number Two – is your cell or mobile phone, now this was a very close call to being number 1, because everyone knows these days that you can access the Internet with your Blackberry, iPhone or Nokia. But personally I like the convenience of a decent sized keyboard and monitor when I am accessing the Internet, hence the number 2 position. That said you also have the very necessary facility of being able to communicate with friends and family so maybe this is a joint or actual first place, I'll let you decide.

Number Three – MP3 player, you have just got to have access to your music, does not matter if you are on a plane, train, bus or in a car. There are times when you need to favorite tunes. Remember that stress thing I was talking about, pushing a few well known and uplifting tunes through your earpieces is going to block out the annoying little irks out there and make your world a nicer place to be.

Number Four – Your portable hand held gaming device, that could be a Nintendo or PSP. Whichever is your favorite because you do not want to find your self relying on those rubbish games on your cell phone to keep you entertained. No way, you want pucker seriously challenging games that really keep you entertained and the only way to do that is with your own dedicated gaming device.

Number Five – Your projection clock on a keyring. OK this is maybe a little bit of strange choice, but if you have ever been in a hotel room in a wildly different time zone you will understand why I have chosen this. You wake up in the middle of the night, you do not know where you are never mind what time it is, then you come around a bit and with the push of a button you can find out if the next travel stage is imminent or Whether you are OK to catch a few more Z's, stress gone and without trying to work out how the clock in the hotel room is set as it looks to be the only one in the world with that particular method of setting the time and the alarm .


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