For those laptop users looking for power, lightweight features and clarity, the MSI Wind u100-432US 10-inch notebook is just the ticket. Its 10-inch screen is clear and great for web browsing, using the power of Intel's newest processing platform. While the screen may be small, it offers full capability for viewing full web pages with a simple click. And while this laptop may be small, its keyboard is only slightly smaller than its full size counterparts, making it easy to use.

Standard with the Windows operating system, this mini laptop offers all of the popular features of its larger counterparts. In addition to typical functionality, this mini laptop offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity features along with a built in microphone and camera, giving users the ability to stay in touch with their friends and family when they are on the go. Users can talk and share pictures from their mini laptop by simply using the already integrated features. Also standard with the LED power saving back-light system, this mini laptop offers the ability to reduce power usage for the user. And, this LED light gives a richer and brighter color palate when browsing.

While the standard model is offered in black, it is also available in other colors. So, for the fashion conscious or computer user looking to add a flair of individuality to their operating system, the option is available. So, while this system may be smaller than its competition, it is no less powerful, offering all of the same features as a full size laptop, just in a smaller size.


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